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Marriage is Complex Always




Cheating for a Kiss: A Quick Video


This video by Mike Potter stars his grandparents, Fred Connors and Rosemary Carney and was shot using his cell phone video camera while he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College. "Cheat" won the Grand Prize at the first annual CellFlix Festival and was featured in media coverage nationwide, including CNN, ABC Evening News, and the New York Times.


Marriage After Retirement


Retirement is a change, and change can stress a marriage. Under stress, the weaknesses in any relationship will show up. Ohio State University Extension Service offers a quick read on how retirement can affect a marriage. >>More


Long and Happy Marriage


Matthew Boggs and Jason Miller traveled 12,000 miles around the US interviewing couples who have been married forty years or more. Their report is called "Project Everlasting" >>More


Stages After Retirement


After retirement many people go through a series of stages as they adapt to their new lives. This means new behaviors and it is important to communicate with the marriage partner about these activities.


These stages can include reorganizing at home, trying new things such as hobbies or artistic expression, and travel. >>More


Growing Old Together


A day comes when one marriage partner must care for the other. Throughout marriage, we care for one another through injuries great and small and infections of various kinds. Chronic illness and chronic pain are a different story. This sort of illness can rob both marriage partners of sleep and rest resulting in loss of enjoyment of life.