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Forming New Habits Requires Different Technique Than Changing Old Ones


Forming new habits is a different set of exercises than is required for stopping or changing old habits. Adopting a new way of doing things can be scary. Maybe it's the way you drive to the Post Office, or beginning a new form of exercise. Making these different behaviors into a regular part of your life takes some attention and dedication.


Effectively Forming New Habits


Dr Maxwell Maltz wrote the bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics. Originally a Plastic Surgeon, Maltz noticed that it took 21 days for amputees to cease feeling phantom sensations in the amputated limb. From further observations he found it took 21 days to create a new habit. Since then the '21 Day Habit Theory' has become an accepted part of self-help programs. >>More

Create New Habits: The Good Constraints

Senia Maymin | Positive Psychology News Daily | 3.1.2007


Automatic thoughts and actions are stronger than rational thoughts and actions!


What can we do about this if we are trying to create a new habit? Have you heard of the Jam study?


Sheena Iyengar of Columbia University and Mark Lepper of Stanford University set out to learn whether customers prefer to have fewer jams options or more jam options when making a choice of which jam to taste-test and then buy. What was happening? With too many choices, people can feel stress, choice paralysis, and maybe most importantly regret. People hate bad more than they love good.

Tips for Breaking Bad Habits and

Developing Good Habits

Scott Young | Pick the Brain | 10.16.2007


Most of life is habitual. You do the same things you did yesterday, the day before and every day for the last month. It’s estimated that out of every 11,000 signals we receive from our senses, our brain only consciously processes 40.


Habits, good or bad, make you who you are. The key is controlling them. If you know how to change your habits, then even a small effort can create big changes.


I’ve been using these techniques for years to re-engineer many aspects of my life. That includes overhauling my diet, exercising regularly, cutting out television, and bulking my e-mail and work routines. >>More